The Pirate Fairy Concept Art


The Pirate Fairy Concept Art



For James’s fangirls

Such a Mulan scene XDDD

what the hell am I doing? x__x

yes more fan art like theses please ^_^

It is so beautiful.

This is a little bit on the darker side of their relationship. Hope you all like it

I officially want to call this ship Hookdust, but that is just me.
These two basically tear my heart apart. I love them so much.


A preview of upcoming episodes for Steven Universe!

Remember that the NEW AIR DATES for episodes will be on WEDNESDAY NIGHTS AT 7/6 CENTRAL PM! Next episode will air on April 9th.

C’mon, gems, let’s do this.

Tumblr Needs multi search tag

And feel free to correct me if there is such a thing and i just don’t know how to do it but i think tumblr would let us use multiple tags to search for things.

for example when i search for Giovanni (the leader of Team Rocket) i get more pictures of naked women than what i was initially searching for. and if i put in the search giovanni pokemon or pokemon giovanni i just don’t get quite as good pics as i would if i looked in the regular giovanni tag.

so why not have a search bar that i can type in giovanni but also have a secondary search that filters the giovanni page.

so any post that has both #giovanni and #pokemon  or #pokemon Giovanni and such, will be the post that you see.

that way it is easier to find specific things without having to  deal with the things you don’t want to see or do not care  about. 

like when i look for fanart of captain hook and i get bombarded with screenshots of OUAT hook, who i really don’t care about because i do not watch the show.


Hey fairy fandom

Is there a ship name for James/Zarina?

Hookdust sounds amazing to me!


// O-M-F-G

Tom hiddleston sings in the new Tinkerbell movie rhuogrohirbohbgfkjbgfjl


Height headcanons incoming! And curse my screwy anatomy… :/ Pardon me.


Height headcanons incoming! And curse my screwy anatomy… :/ Pardon me.


I honestly hate people who don’t leave voicemails liKE WHY DID YOU CALL ME